Polisistem, the ideal industrial partner
for molding of your polyurethane products

Experience, research, organization of human resources.

A revolutionary project requires solid industrial partnerships. Polisistem has chosen Emery to guarantee its customers on the constant search for new solutions.

Founded in 1840, Emery is recognized worldwide for its pioneering efforts in the search for Eco-Friendly solutions.

  • Ivan Castagnetti
    Since 1985, Polisistem has been established on the market as a specialist contract moulder of polyurethane foam. The Polisistem production facility, with its 10 foaming machines, makes rigid polyurethane, flexible polyurethane, viscoelastic polyurethane and integral polyurethane moulds. "Our company's winning characteristics – explains managing director Ivan Castagnetti – can be summed up in five points": flexibility - promptness - competitiveness - motivation – continuous innovation.
    Watch the video of the interview with Ivan Castagnetti
  • Polibiosistem
    Polisistem is launching bio-based polyurethane moulding in Italy, using soy polyols. We can manufacture new lines of products for you that are in tune with both the environment and the feelings of the more environmentally aware consumers. Thanks to EMEROX® , we lessen the use of petroleum in the polyurethane production process, with all the benefits this brings to health and the ecosystem. Based on a solid technological partnership with Emery, Polisistem is the ideal partner for businesses looking to combine efficiency and eco-friendliness. We can help you become the leading producer of environmentally friendly products in your market sector.
    To find out more, visit the site www.polibiosistem.com


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